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    Default Saltare fuel sender replacement

    I recently replaced the fuel sender in my '89 Saltare. I got the impression my sender was reading low, as it would read empty and when filling it would only take about 25 gallons. I went with a KSS 8" deep unit (, which should leave at least 5 gallons left when it reads empty. I would prefer it to be closer to accurate but the instructions say to leave 1" to the bottom of the tank. The 9" would have left 1/8"-1/4" to the bottom as mounted. I think since the tank is aluminum rather than plastic I could have gone with the 8.5" unit and been plenty safe for any flexing or distortion of the tank.

    Regardless, I changed the original fuel sender for the KSS 8" sender and the gauge read 1/8 higher from the bottom half of the scale. While not 100%, it's more accurate than what I had so I'm happy. This sender is more accurate and gives me a better known quantity of fuel when it reads empty. If I had to do it again I'd go with the 8.5" model, but this gives me a healthy reserve less than the absurd 20 gallon reserve I had before. One thing to note is this style of sender had a magnetic float and 8 or 10 switches on the vertical portion. The gauge reading is steady but will abruptly jump down 1/10-1/8 of the gauge as it reached the next lower magnetic switch. So in a Saltare you'll get a gauge movement for about every 5 gallons burned. For reference, the gas tank in my '89 Saltare measures 9"d x 67"w x 17"h which works out to about 45 gallons.

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    Centroid Products 386-423-3574. They custom make a full electronic sender to your boats specs. No float to move around dash gauge stays rock solid . I use them in all my boats since 1989.

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