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    Default Swapping Holley for Edlebrock - info requested

    Hey guys. I was referred here from the Moomba forums. I picked up a 2000 Moomba Outback LS with the Indmar 310 this summer with the Holley carb. That carb has been a headache with inconsistent idle, pinging under load at times (sometimes badly), floats not holding a set.

    Reading it seems the best solution to the Holley is an Edelbrock. Iíve seen the 1409 (600cfm) and the 1410 (750cfm) recommenced. Iíve also seen it reference an 8 degree spacer wedge for the Edelbrock and some references to a new intake manifold. Does anyone know what is actually needed for the conversion? And is it worthwhile compared to rebuilding the Holley. Cost isnít really a factor as I would justify the expense in a trouble free season next year.

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    Holley's do fine when set up correctly. If you have not rebuilt the Holley then start there. If money is no factor just buy a new exact replacement to the OE carb. If you go with the Edelbrock you will have to reconfigure the fuel line and other components. If your engine is tipped back on an angle I would recommend a wedge plate under the carb to level it out.

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