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    Default Sunsport 2010 20V Bilge Power issue

    Have had this boat now for 12M and just had the bilge fail.I have just replaced the bilge and noticed I am not getting any power from the harness when running the test function on the bilge. The switch when switched to the manual position isn't activating either yet all other switches on the panel all seem to be activating normally.

    I suspect there is a breaker somewhere in the circuit and I am trying to track it down to check it and reset if needed (or replace it). I cant identify any bilge related circuits on the breaker panel under the dash. I haven't pulled the switch panel yet to see if its behind there - anyone know if there is a breaker and if so where it is located

    Bilge is an Attwood Sahara 500 with the automatic float. Bilge tested fine on direct 12V power.

    Any other suggestions would be welcome too.


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    Default Sunsport 2010 20V Bilge Power issue

    If your light is not on at the switch, it should be wired to your circuit breaker panel. Under the dash by the drivers seat. Pic should be in your manual.

    If you pop the switch off to look at the wire colors, you can trace it back to the panel - if you have the rocker style switches. Not sure about the new style switches and how to get to the back of those. I do not think they give you a picture in the manual on what circuits are labeled what on the panel - like a car manual. New Supra models have this documented in the manual.

    This will also give you a chance to check the power at the switch with a multi-meter. Making sure your switch is good.

    There has been some discussions here and on the Moomba forum about how this is wired and the use if you use a battery switch. I have know owerns with 1 pump that installed a 2nd pump and wired directly to the battery with fuse protection and a second switch.
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