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    Default Dust cover for SE450

    I just purchased a new SE450 and I am looking to get a spare cover I would describe as a dust cover. I used to have one for my old boat that we could easily pull over the boat in our covered dock to keep pollen and dust out of the boat with out going to the trouble of putting the full factory cover on. The one we used previously never had a tight fit but also did not have the ratchet straps which can damage the gel coat unless you are being really careful. With young kids helping out it was a quick way to cover and uncover the boat on weekends. I have looked around but have only found perfect fit replicas of the factory cover. Any help finding one would be appreciated

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    Sounds like a good idea.

    How long would you leave the cover on?

    Was is something to use on the boat during the weekend or a longer period of time?

    Most folks I know take the factory covers off at the start of the weekend, leave the cover off when sitting back on the lift at night, put the factory cover back on when they are done for the weekend. Sometimes running a fan at night to dry things out.

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