Another year with the 1984 Comp that Michael Hunter restored. Had a good year last year. Not so good this year.

The boat was not very interested in starting coming out of winterization. Took quite a bit of cranking and then quite a bit of warming up before it would finally run at idle on the hose. Stabil was put in a full tank of gas when I winterized in October and fogging oil used on the carb.

I finally thought i had the idle doing well enough so we took it out saturday. Boat would idle ok for a minute and then it would get worse after a couple minutes of idling. I played with the idle air mixture screws throughout the day and never could get it right. Even tried bumping up the idle speed a little. By the end of the day, it idled OK buy soon as you put it in gear would shut off. Boat seemed to run A-OK outside of idle speed.

At this point, I'm thinking i'm probably due for a carb rebuild. I had similar issues to this last year our of winterization but was able to adjust the idle air mixture and it worked out.

Anything else I should check before the carb rebuild? Any good DIYs for said carb rebuild? Planning to order the kit from SkiDim.