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    Default 89 TS6M runs great out of water!

    Well i fixed my ignition problem and did a bunch of other maintenance like belts and impeller. The boat was firing right up and sounded great on the trailer in my driveway. Get to the lake and the boat didnít want to start in the water. Pulled it out and it fired right up so we backed it back in while running and it died right away. Did this two more times just to verify. Any ideas what would cause this?

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    I had the same boat. 89' Combrio. I never had the issue you are having but I did have to rebuild the carb a couple of times over the 24 years I owned it. I always return to the basics on a carbureted engine: You need, fuel, air, compression and fire. When its in the water, remove the spark arrestor and crank it over and see if any fuel is leaking down the overflow tubes in the carb. if it is, your float is sticking open due to a bad float or dirty/wore needle and seat in the carb.
    If not, advance the throttle once and see if you get a nice spray of fuel. If so, try cranking it and if it doesn't fire, then check the spark. Moisture in the fuel can do what your talking about also.

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    Check spark in the water.

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