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    Default Ballast bags filling without switches flipped

    All three ballast bags are filling up while moving on the water without activating any switches on 2004 22SSV. Also, they will not fill with just activating the pumps to fill. I have to turn the main inlet valve off every time if I don't want the bags to fill. The dealership said they put a new ballast pump on the boat when I bought it. Help!

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    If you have the original orbit sprinkler value system, it could be a broken switch or bad switch. Happens to a lot of people using this type of system. That is the original equipment from 2004. Not efficient by today's standards.

    You can replace the valves back to the same type (online or store sell them b/c they are used in lawn sprinkler system) OR some people are switching to motorized ball values (faster fill times). The ball values can be found on Amazon.

    A third option is to switch to reversible pumps that are used on the newer boats. Most expensive option. Fastest option. Google the company called Wakemakers and Ballast Upgrades.
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