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    Default 2009 24SSV Ballasts emptying on their own

    Thanks for the great resource everyone. We recently purchased a 2009 24SSV and are very happy with it. We've already leaned on many of the opinions here, but have one specific question we couldn't find answered elsewhere.

    All three ballast bags seem to be slowly emptying on their own, with the switches in the neutral position after filling. We were told the rear ballast bags were upgraded (look to be somewhere around 600-700lbs) and the playpen bag is the stock 1150lbs.

    The first time out all three took a minute to prime. One even took 5 or 6 tries over 15 min period before finally starting to fill (at a stop, slowly moving, at a stop again). Interestingly, the one that primed and filled the quickest was the first to empty but the others soon followed (like over the course of 20-30 min).

    Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Have you tried replacing your pump impellers yet? I would start there.

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    As above replace pump impellers. They should
    fill right away. As far as emptying , they are either leaking into bilge at a fitting or bag, a weak impeller could allow ventruli effect emptying ( doubtful ) . Is there water in your bilge? I have had the surf side bag partially empty out the vent hole thus requiring a cork.
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