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    Default exhaust question (1987 Supra)

    Seeking some advice here ...

    I have a 1987 Supra SunSport (351). The boat came with SuperTrapp disc mufflers. I have seen these on many of the older boats pictured here on the forum.

    What are the pros/cons of these mufflers (other than making the boat louder, which is a con in my book)? I pulled them off and ran the boat and didn't notice any performance difference, except that it seemed to run a little rich.

    Before I remove the whole assembly -- which is no small task given the amount of adhesive caulk they used -- is there anything else I should consider?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    They sound better than flaps but I don't know that they make more noise. I think it is a prettier, deeper sound than the flaps and if noise is a problem, probably be best to trade for an inboard/ outboard or add mufflers inline. This is a direct drive and motor sits 2 feet away from the driver's seat with straight pipes out the back. That is why people buy these boats.
    Wish I still had the the Trapps on my Rider but they tend to leak into the bilge area which is the only downside to them.

    Speaking of leaking, who cut 3 large access panels into the transom? That is the craziest thing I've ever seen. How do they seal up?
    Was it done to repair the wood for the swim platform? All you had to do is remove the gas tank and access from inside. Some work indeed but cutting large circles in the gelcoat on the rear of these boats would not be any idea I'd ever consider. I'd be more concerned about leaking access panels than leaking mufflers at this point. Wow....beautiful boat but that is just craziness.

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    I appreciate the response. Thanks.

    As for the access panels, I share your pain. I just bought the boat and don't know the history on that "fix," but my assumption is aligned with yours (there was a major repair on the bracing for the swim platform). I have to pull the rear seat this weekend to replace the blower vents, so I'll take a closer look at how well those access panels are keeping water out (they do have a good rubber gasket).

    Aside from that ... boat is all original, has less than 600 hours, doesn't take on water, etc.

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    If you want to remove the Trapps, you are better off taking the rear floor up and removing the entire steel pipe that runs from the rear of the engine all the way to the transom as the Trapps have a bracket welded about four inches forward from the transom and then a long threaded bolt that holds the plates there. I removed mine knowing that I was going to replace the entire exhaust system when I did my restoration.
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    the super traps are the only thing that holds the ex pipe in it is a wedge fit if you remove them there is nothing to keep the pipe tight ie water leak
    if you want it louder put stainless washers between the plates to open up the gaps
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