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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornado View Post
    I am not sure engine size, I have looked on tag but it is not clear to me (i know right! I should know) I believe 454 based on other pictures I have seen on here and other places. There may be some connections that need to be checked.
    Easy way to tell...351W will have distributor in front of engine by belts and 454 will have distributor at rear of motor towards the tranny. Not everyone on here is a mechanic so don't worry about the questions, a lot of good guys here that can help you out.

    I had the neutral safety switch issue on my Rider and it would not give any indication at all. Complete silence. Click, click, click sounds more like starter to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornado View Post
    Thanks folks. I don't have a volt meter, something I will need to add soon. The other accessories were on so I didn't think it was the battery. I decided to try charging the battery and that did the trick. I can spin the alternator by hand so belt needs to be tightened or alternator needs to be replaced or both.

    @michael Hunter I am not sure actually on motor size ( i know right) I believe the 454 by other pictures I have seen here but the tag doesn't say it or I don't know where to look.

    the starter is new, the old one is still in the cubby upfront under the passenger side storage compartment.

    I did check the neutral switch at the stick but not on the transmission end.

    We did get it running and ran it on the lake the next day. It still didn't want to hit on the turn of the key every time. Sometimes it would take several turns of the key to get it to turn over.

    Thank you everyone. Again I have lots to learn.
    An inexpensive multimeter would be a good investment if you are going to ado troubleshooting and repair. I would be concerned about it not starting every time. You may have an ignition switch going bad

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    We haven't had an issue since we got it running. Ignition switch is definitely on the list. It seems if you turn the key it doesn't always fire right away. We checked the alternator this weekend it is charging the system. The starter is new. Process of elimination means neutral switch or ignition.
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