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    Default "Been sitting a while" - 86' Pro Comp TS6M - Worth it?

    I found a 1986 pro comp TS6M on FB marketplace, the guy is asking 2500 OBO. I asked if the floor and stringers have ever been addressed and he said the boat is original and never been re-done. He said there's only 2 soft spots on the floor and the stringers seem fine. I am 100% sure the stringers and floor have to be re-done and I am ok taking on this project.

    Its also missing all seats in the interior

    The motor has not been run in years and needs carb parts, a battery, and obvious maintenance to run again- he states it is not seized.

    I'm rolling the dice here but considering taking it on as a project boat. While I'm well aware this is thousands and thousands of dollars away from being water ready what do you think is a fair offer for this boat? While I don't like low- balling people this boat is essentially a hull, and a rotted one at that (whether he wants to admit it or not). I was thinking of offering $1500 - am I way off base?

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance, I have learned a ton just from lurking and soaking in all the knowledge in this forum.


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    If you don’t take it, you think some else will? Not a lot of people looking for a project boat with a lot of unknowns. You’ll spend more than you think so start low. If he is offended, so be it, he’ll get over it when that boat is out of his driveway.
    I’d honestly start lower than $1500 if it were me.

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    I agree a project boat is not for everyone but there are a lot of people with more money than knowledge of what it takes to restore one of these boats especially with missing parts . I would offer 500 to 1000 and if you don't get it you saved yourself a lot of time ,work and money.

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