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    Default 84 comp nav lights

    Can't seem to figure this one out.. 84 comp. Center mast light works 100% correctly. Stern light and front lights do not turn on at all. Touched the wires to the power bypassing the switch and no luck. Any ideas? Ground? What's my best way of chasing this down?

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    Did you check the bulbs? Remove the covers and check for power and ground .

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    I replaced all the bulbs. At the socket, I wasn't able to make my voltmeter move at all. I had an issue last summer the one time i used the lights where they would flicker so I'm thinking loose ground. It was terribly hot out yesterday, especially in the very confined space under the dash, I'm planning on checking the ground today.

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    Traced ground wires this evening and put new connectors on. Everything seems to be working now. Gotta love old boats.

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