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    Default 1988 Supra TS6M Comp Help

    Just looking for the best places to find the following, any pointers or guidance would be great:

    1. Found the owners manual on - Question: Is there somewhere i can locate something similar to a Chilton (cars/trucks) for this boat?
    2. Parts - I replaced a coil that was faulty and found that it's harder to find parts for this marine engine than i thought (first boat i'm really digging into working on) so where is the best place to find parts. Based on the tune up i just did (plugs and wires) i need to do the following:

    - Oil - have the correct oil, grabbed a filter at advanced auto parts for the 351 windsor but not sure it will work
    - Transmission fluid - It says Type A - Dextron III Mercon, is that correct (just want to double check)
    - Hoses:: oil drain plug hose; Water hoses for the cooling system starting to crack
    - Oil Pressure Gauge sensor - not sure where to start on this one but i'm not getting pressure readings on the gauge

    Trailer needs new wiring and some welding, new paint as well. The boat itself only has 415 hours on it and after the coil, wires and plugs she runs great! Just some other cosmetic stuff. Looking forward to really getting this girl restored and pretty.

    Any help or guidance in the right direction is greatly appreciated!


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    You need the PCM manual . You can find it on in the reference section.
    A good place to find PCM parts is
    I like Etrailer for trailer parts.

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