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    Can you take the wake plate or cavitation plate off my 1989 Supra sunsport I only use the boat for wake surfing and wakeboarding, I have a drain plug light I want to install and that plate is in the way wondering if anybody has taken theirs off and how the boat performed??

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    Long time ago I believe one guy was thinking of taking the "multi-sport plate" off his boat as he also was only surfing and wakeboarding. I believe he did take it off and then very quickly installed a new one he had to fab up as the boat handled terribly.
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    I have mine all the way up as it seems to help keep the bow out of the water, only downside is that you get a bit of cavitation in tight turns. Luckily I don't make many tight turns and the bow up is a bit more handy on some of the rough days on the lake.

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