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    Default 06 launch 21v fuel pump

    So I bought a project of a boat. It was owned by someone on here that overheated it and replaced the heads. It was sitting for two years for sale and I grabbed it for cheap. I do upholstery on the side and didnít care that the interior was completely shot. The outside is faded but I gave it a few hours of wet sanding and buffing and sheís going to look great.

    I replaced the starter, alternator, spark plugs, manifolds and risers, battery switch and relay box as well as the batteries. It turns over, has compression on most of the cylinders, I think a valve may be rusted and stuck partially open, but it should be more than enough to get it to fire up. I really just want to run it to shake it down before I tear into everything over the off season.

    So I have spark and the engine is cranking, but there is no fuel making it up to the fuel rails. The fuel pump looks crusty at the electrical connections, I checked voltage and it does try to prime when I cycle the key according to my meter. The pump is doing nothing. Is there a reasonably priced replacement out there before I bite the bullet and buy one?

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    I just picked up a pump for my 06 with the Assault 325 motor. It was the Pierburg Electric Fuel Pump | Indmar #556184. Just google that and lots of options should come up.

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