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    Default torsion axle shot

    Hello everyone. You were all very helpful with my last post. This past weekend the torsion axle went south and we were going west. it felt like it was pulling hard. Realized the trailing arm was stuck in an upwards position causing the fender to catch on the wheel slicing a nice groove in the brand new tire. I took it off, loosened the trailing arm, put a tire back on and used a super huge pry bar to see if it would articulate the way it should. it seemed to go back to the normal position once we put pressure on it upwards. Not enough so that the problem was fixed. After driving a very short distance the trailing arm was stuck upwards again.

    I don't have any clue what caused this but it seems like the torsion axle (?) is done for. I talked to a supra dealer today that deals with Boatmate. he said he has had a tough time getting in touch with anyone at Boatmate.

    Just wondering if that's the case and any leads as to where I could find a matching axle. I talked to a regular trailer service person who sells and services regular trailers. It would have to be measured, weight rating, etc. He said best guess is four weeks minimum.

    I'm in MN. any help or leads, or solutions would be helpful.

    Also any thought on where I could rent a trailer to get the boat off of the trailer I own?

    I will be posting this on the Facebook group as well. I am not sure if that is connected to this forum or not in any official capacity.
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    I have an 04' Supra with a Boatmate trailer with the torsion axles. I noticed when I had it off the trailer last week that there was a serial number tag on top of each axle. Its hard to see with the boat on the trailer. My particular axles were manufactured by UFP, San Marcos Cal. and Winchester Tenn. I believe they are now owned by Dexter Axle. Do a search and you will find them. Each of my axles had a serial number of A84650 & A84630. I would call them direct with your serial number and bypass Supra/Boatmate.

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    Try Redneck trailer supply. They stock Dexter and may have what you need. Lucky for me they have a warehouse right across the river.
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