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    Question '87 Comp TS6m trailer repairs

    Hi all, new owner of an '87 Comp TS6m. I have the boat tip-top and ready to hit the water, but I need to make some repairs to the trailer. My question is, where can I get brackets for the bunks? It is the original trailer, not sure who made them in '87, but they are weld-on type vertical brackets. I don't know if I can use an alternative, order OE style brackets, or just have my local welding shop make some. Thanks in advance!

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    Default has multiple options for bunk brackets. Maybe something there you can use and adapt.

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    Indeed etrailer has some (such as All older Supra trailers I've seen have vertical mounted bunks using C channel brackets with a relief cut for the board. For what they charge for thin looking slotted brackets I'd be inclined to get a length of channel the right size from a metal shop and just cut to length and cut the relief myself. You can probably make as many as you need pretty quickly. The tedious part is removing the old ones and welding the new brackets on.

    Mine are a little crusty at the top of some. I need to replace my bunks one of these years and clean up the brackets while they're still salvageable.

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