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    Default 1985 Sunsport seems to be stalling under load/throttle

    Hey y'all, I have a 1985 sunsport that i got this summer that took some work but I got up and running strong.

    We had it out today for a good ride and after anchoring for an hour or so on the ride back in the motor started to stall when getting on the throttle. It would rev fine in neutral but under load it could only putz.

    My thought is it is a fuel issue, maybe a bad fuel pump. Does that sound right? My other thought is bad gas since we had just filled up on the water when we usually bring our own gas down.

    Maybe a lack of air through the carb but it is pretty nde and the issue came on pretty sudden which makes me think it is more fuel related.

    What are some things I can check or look out for to diagnose and repair?

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    Could be ignition also are you still running points?

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    I had similar problems and the fault in my boat was the anti siphon valve at the tank.

    I change everything before I found that the valve was the problem.

    Under load the valve couldn't open enough and deliver fuel to the carb.

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    I just put a new electronic distributor in a few weeks ago which fixed a previous problem with the timing curve. It was running really strong after that up to this point.

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    I have heard mention of the anti siphon do you go about changing that?

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    Yanked the gas tank out siph valve was good. Put a new coil on it and seemed to fix it. We will see if the problem creeps back in after being on the water a while.

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