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    Come on boys shorten it up. My ski buddy's & I are at retirement age. The thrills start @ 34.2 mph And 32 to 35 off.
    I fully agree with the speed but our original question came from an owner of a 22SSV. Running 35 mph @ 35' off behind a V stern like ours may get us killed or at least a double knee replacement. The hump you would have to cross under that scenario would be high, fast, and hard as a rock. You flat stern guys get a far kinder wake crossing. Keep skiing hard, my father in law is 74 and still riding the slalom. # lifegoals ��

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    I just tested out 28' off behind my MC TriStar 220 (sorry I had to give up on my Supra when I could buy an all glass MC for less than the stringer and interior repair on my Supra) and that got to be a bigger wake to cross than I expected so I added 6ft back in to make it 22' off and that skied well.

    I do miss the flatter stern of my Sunsport Skier and the elevated seating position. The MC has me sitting on the ground plus it lacks the three fins up front.

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    I think Iíve gotta try it! Lol
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