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    Default Take it-or leave it

    During a wildfire if you had to evacuate would you take your boat or leave it behind?

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    Leave it. It’s insured. I’d get a build slot for a 2021. Being a FF, the boat, while life revolves around it, isn’t worth your life, or the life of a FF protecting it.
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    If I could do it safely I would take it with as many other valuables packed inside as possible. Insurance is fine but they will not pay out the same as what the new boat will cost.

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    Default Take it-or leave it

    Last thing I would take is my boat, itís a TOY.

    Grab your family/pets and be agile and quick, a boat will only slow you down and imagine getting stuck because you brought a boat, putting others at risk.

    Hopefully you picked the ďfull replacementĒ option on your insurance policy.

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    Interesting question. I canít tow all four of mine behind me but with only one being irreplaceable, would make for an easy decision. Plus, with agreed value insurance, itís really a no brainer to leave the rest.

    I would hope time is on your side if youíre honestly thinking about this, otherwise you just jump and run no doubt.

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    Depends on how much time I have, if i'm feeling time rich I might take the boat, especially since it can double as a storage trailer for more stuff.

    If i'm out of time, I wouldn't risk getting caught over a boat, I will just GTFO.

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