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    Default 2020 SR Transom Remote Alternative

    My boat didn't come with a transom remote which would have been awesome but I thought maybe there is some sort of wireless remote that I can use without having to permanently mount to the boat. I've done a little bit of searching but haven't been able to find for boats with the Vision system. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance folks

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    No experience with these but a lot of Folks seem to like them.

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    I have not read about people installing aftermarket items like that here, the Moomba site, or on social media sites.

    Not sure if that is b/c 1) they are not doing it or 2) they are not talking about it b/c there are no issues with system communications.

    Just curious, why wireless vs wired? Ease of install?
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    The topic is covered fairly extensively in the following discussion threads:
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