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    Default Swim platform repair/replacement

    I have a 1985 supra sunsport while in the water last year a piece of the team swim platform broke off. I can make that repair but I am also considering a synthetic swim platform with a ladder on it.

    My question is...if the current platform has slots between the teak pieces and a synthetic one is just a solid piece. Is that a problem in terms of drag or getting up on plane when the platform might be in the water a bit?

    I would fix the platform but I don't know where to get teak to replace it. Any suggestions?

    After that I need to mount a ladder because people are getting all banged up getting in and out of the water. Any suggestions on a good ladder for these old ski boats?

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    Drag will not be a problem the platform is out of the water shortly after the boat starts moving. I think they put in the slots so waves can pass with less up and down movement on the platform when stopped. I have seen a lot of solid wood platforms I don;t think it will be a problem. I know a place in Georgia that carried Teak you might as well look for Gold it will cost about the same.

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