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    Default Best Wake Shaper for 2011 22V Sunsport

    Hi all. Could someone please advise which would be the best WakeSurf Shaper for my 2011 Supra 22V Sunsport. I am using the standard ballasts.
    Would the Launch hull be the same and use the same Shaper?
    Thanking you in advance

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    I do not think there is a best shape or size. The output of the wave is a combination of:

    1) Having enough ballast in the boat for displacement. On my 22' I ran 1100#s in the back lockers and weight (around 1000#s) in the center sections. It also depends on how many people you have onboard. I also put lead in the boat for small crew sizes.

    2) List. I would weight my boat even starting out. I could slap on the shaper and start surfing. I would move some people around to get the wave 'cleaner'. The newer models on the boats will display your pitch and roll on the screens. This helps b/c it allows you to have a great wave one day - then save the settings. On the next day when you have different weight on the boat, it allows you to find the same pitch and roll.

    3) Good suction cups. You want the shaper to stay on the boat.

    4) Now they are making floating ones. If the shaper falls off, it will not sink to the bottom of the lake.

    5) Placement of the Shaper. I had best results having the shaper not too far under the water and about 1-2' from the back of the boat.

    As for models, here are some of the more popular ones. Others will get good results from homemade ones. That is that I first used.


    Inland Curl:


    Liquid Force:
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