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    Default Which pump fills the bow bag?

    I have a 2013 SA350 with hard tank in the middle, two bags in the lockers and one bow bag. Does anyone have a schematic for which pump fills which bag? As always, you guys are awesome and I appreciate any help I can get!!

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    I think 2013 was the year of 900# of hard sub-floor Liquid Lead Ballast and 1300# lbs of flex ballast (optional).

    Usually, the center tank and bow bag (IBS) are controlled by one pump. There could be Y-Fitting to fill both at once, or a piggy-back line running from the center tank. System was controlled by timers, that is when I recall them coming out. I also recall something called a Power Distribution Module that controlled the functions - confused some people when it would auto shut off. Your center tank will probably fill before the bow bag.

    Each locker bag should have their own pump. Not sure if those were tied into that center tank also.

    I recall reading the boat did not come with vent lines from the factory.
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