How's it going everyone,

Last summer I converted my 1995 Supra Labrisa PCM 351 back to a cap and rotor set up. All parts purchased through Vince at Ski Discount Inboard Marine. Boat is running incredible. So, I have all the stock (OEM) parts and a few new parts I purchased while troubleshooting if anyone is interested. With all the part shortages I ran into this past year and the wait that was involved. I thought this may help get somebody back out on the water without having to wait for something new to show up in the mail.

This boat was purchased with a PCM 351 Windsor, throttle body fuel injection / GT40 Heads. It's been a great engine but started acting like my ex wife (electrical issues). Hence why I changed to the carburetor setup. This is what I have available.

-New High and Low Pressure Fuel Pumps
-OEM Throttle Body
-OEM Distributor Cap20210116_112418_resized.jpg
-OEM Fuel Line
-OEM Wiring Harness
-OEM Alternator
-OEM Pro Tech Ignition (not sure if this works) I'm willing to give it away if needed for troubleshooting.

Let me know if you are interested, not looking to get rich off anyone.