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    Default 2007 Supra 21V Launch leaking water pump

    Hi All,

    Have a 2007 Supra 21V Launch with a leaking water pump - this is the raw water pump right at the back of the boat, under the heat exchanger. It leaks a fair amount, like a constant dribble of water. Its pretty hard to see as the heat exchanger is in the road, but i imaging its leaking aroudn the shaft of the pump.

    Is this a common issue, and does any one have a part number to replace? I'm assuming if its leaking from the shaft, then its a full replacement. I suppose it could be leaking from the gasket on the faceplate of the pump, but think this uinlikely as the impeller was replaced in the last 6 months or so.

    It just appears a real pain to get the heat exchanger off, so would liek to know what i'm up for $ wise for a replacement pump at the start.



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    Default 2007 Supra 21V Launch leaking water pump

    The online stores will sell you replacement ones, skidim, bakes, etc. Call them.

    They also sell rebuild kits on Amazon. Just read on social media about someone rebuilding one. Had to use some ‘authority’ to some parts apart.

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