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Thread: Trailer bunks

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    Default Trailer bunks

    I own a Ď05 Launch 24 SSV.
    Need to redo the carpet on my trailer bunks but before I do I wanted to get opinions on alternative bunk material.
    So...carpet, polyethylene or something else? Iím looking for the slickest material possible to help with loading onto trailer.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I would personally stick with the carpet. If you get the bunks wet enough and the trailer at the proper depth/angle you should not have any issues with loading or unloading the boat. You mention you are looking for the slickest material out there, is it due to issues with loading and unloading? There are strips you can put down on top of the bunks that make it really slippery and the manufacturer makes mention to use caution as they work quite well I suppose. I use bunks on all the trailers I have without anything to make it slippery without issues.
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    Default Trailer bunks

    Agee with @jetlink.

    Carpet is the way to go. When pulling out at the end of the day, I Ďdunkí the trailer to make sure everything is covered. Then pull forward and the boat is ready to load.

    That plastic stuff, I would be afraid of a steep ramp, backing in, and the boat sliding off too soon. If your looking for the slickest stuff, that is it. Better secure to good.

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