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    Default 2008 22SSV electrical issues

    So I am currently 3,000 miles from my boat and home. Wife and kids took her out on the 2021 mayden voyage and the batteries were acting weird. Both were tested and are good. Our switch is a perko Off/1/ALL/2 and they are unable to start the boat on battery 2.

    I hadmy oldest son take my multimeter and put the switch on Both and check continuity across both positive terminals and it showed a dead short so we are good there. I then had him turn the switch to OFF and check positive of batt 1 to negative of batt 2 and vice versa and voltages were solid. I just can't figure out why they are unable to start the boat off of battery 2
    2008 Sunsport 22v

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    If the positive side is good, then it could be a negative side connection.

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    If the ground wire is good between batt 1 and 2 then take a look at the back of the perko switch and make sure all connections are clean and good.

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    We ohmed out through the switch and showed a dead short so that connection is good. As is the ground by doing the same. And to top it off, I think the alternator went out this weekend on them. I'm half tempted to just gut the charging system and start fresh.

    - Box in walkway with switch
    - New alternator
    - 2 new batteries
    - New wire where needed

    If I go that route are there any suggestions for a higher output alternator? It's a 2008 Indmar Assault 325 and I believe the alternator is a 70A.
    2008 Sunsport 22v

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    Well we got the alternator tested and it is indeed bad. It is the 70A 8466N-1G. Any recommendations for a higher output one or am I pretty much stuck with the 70A?
    2008 Sunsport 22v

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