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    Default supra SL and SE vs Moomba makai

    hey guys,

    new to the supra Forum, I have money down on a build for a Moomba Makai, with all this time waiting I am always looking around wondering if i am getting the right boat lol.. i have a 2003 Supra Launch and its great! i see this guy on youtube "Wake 9" seems to test alot of boats and he seemed to really like the Makai but I felt they liked the SL and SE might be better. just trying to see if its worth the extra money to step up to the Supra?


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    Robert from Wake9 is a good dude. Fun to ride with. He owned mostly Supras', but has a Mojo this year to test out.

    His favorite boat is probably the SE. His wife likes the SL. Both have good push and transitions on their waves.

    Moomba is a nice boat, but it's not a Supra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJHKnox View Post
    Moomba is a nice boat, but it's not a Supra.
    This ⬆️

    Iíll put that on my next t-shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mischief IV View Post
    This ⬆️

    I’ll put that on my next t-shirt.
    Put me down for a shirt too!
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