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    Default Options for old Sunsport?

    30 years of fun but the stringers on our 1990 Sunsport seem to have finally met their end. The Vinyl has been a mess for awhile, floor and rug well past their prime, and the engine needs at least a little work.

    So first off, thanks to this site and members for the advise over the years. We got a lot more time on the water because of it!

    Second, hoping to get some insight from the group on what my options are now:

    (1) I've got 3 young kids now and no great workspace, so rebuilding the boat myself just isn't an option. Do we know any folks who will do the work for a price that would be worth it (i.e., the cost of all the work ends up less than cost of buying a comparable boat new or used). Im guessing if they exist they are either on or talked about on this site. Also anyone ever costed out or seen on this forum what a complete rebuild would cost not doing it myself?

    (2) If rebuild not cost effective or more than I can spend, is there a market for Supra hulls that others rebuild for themselves or to sell? If so, any ideas how to connect with those folks?

    (3) If 1 or 2 don't pan out, any other good options to say goodbye other than hauling it to the dump?

    For reference, I live in Northern Virginia, but could certainly drive a ways for a good option.

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    The cost of a stringer and full interior would be in the 8-10k range if you can find someone to do it. Is it worth it ? That depends on the condition of the rest of the boat and how much you like the boat. That being said the boat has value to someone in any condition. If you replace it make sure you get one newer than 1991 it will have composite stringers so you wont have hidden rot problems to worry about.

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    Unfortunately, many become parts boats for this reason. The cost to repair is like Michael said, $8-10k easily. Now, go price out new boats and get back to us. However great old boats are, they are outdated and very much a labor of love to restore.
    My Rider is currently undergoing a rotisserie restoration with composite stringers only because I love this boat and itís been in the family forever.

    I do own a few old hulls and one day, Iíd like to resto-mod them all, but lately a lot of people think their old rotten boats are worth what they paid for them new so I have throttled back the purchases for old parts boats.
    Old doesnít make it rare. Rare doesnít make it expensive. I hate to see them go to the dump but only a few people have the time and money to restore them back from the dead.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with Michael and Daniel. To me, it is worth it because for the same money you'd spend on stringers and interior, you absolutely will not find another quality inboard that doesn't need work. That said, if you do restore it, it's going to be a "keeper" because you'll probably never get your money back out of it. Don't do it and expect to make a buck.

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