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    Default 87 comp fuel sending unit

    Anyone have a good source for a quality fuel sending unit? I think there are different hole patterns and not sure about the depth. So if anyone knows please reply. Also if anyone know of a place that knows supra boats and has parts let me know. Nautique parts does nautique. Ski dim is a little pricey and hard to get a answer out of. And Ron at ski boat parts online is a nice guy but doesn't know much about the specifics of these boats. At first I thought I bought a off brand pc of junk because most people never heard of it. Then after driving some other boats from the era and doing some reading I realized what I had.

    1987 ts6m

    Got one from a boat place didn't work found the same one on ski boat parts online they said they quit selling them because of bad performance.

    Also any ideas? Bought a nice fuel pump from ski boat parts online and check valves fell out of it after 80 hours peened them back in seems to be ok. Ron didn't return my call

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    Centroid Products 386-423-3574
    They make a electronic sender that will fit the tank and has no float so the gauge is rock steady . You will have to measure the depth of your tank and tell them what brand gauge you have. I have one in my 89 since 89 still works perfectly.

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