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    Hi all,
    My wife and I recently purchased our first boat/Supra. It belonged to her parents who bought it in 1999 from a boat show either in Nashville or Smyrna not sure. It had been used in a ski competition and sold at the show. I got to take a ride in it back in 2006 and really enjoyed it. It wind up working in our favor but, the boat sat since 2006 all the way up until 4 weeks ago when they finally agreed to sell it to us so we could get it back on the water and we cant wait. However we know it needs some over due attention. I am looking to see if there is any type of Haynes or Chilton's like manual out there so I could have a little more of a maintenance manual than the owners manual is. I will post more picture as we go but here is when we picked it up and then when I pulled the engine cover off. needless to say I was shocked to see that the condition was this good.
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    No real manual to speak of, there are engine manufacturer manuals out there though. Best bets are to drain the gas because it is most certainly bad. Check hoses for condition especially the fuel lines. New filters all around, new oil, new raw water pump impeller for sure even before you try and fire it up because that is shot I bet and will shed vanes to get lodged somewhere downstream and that will lead to an overheat situation. I am sure there are more but that should keep you busy for a day or so.
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    99 is a full composite boat so no worries about rotted wood . Change all the fluids and filters make sure you buy a Sherwood impeller not an off brand [ skidim . com]
    if you can drain the gas tank and put in fresh gas. The carb will probably need a rebuild but get it running again first.

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