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    Default Alternator question

    I need a new alternator for my ‘05 Launch 24. My old one is shot and the new one won’t be at the shop for a couple of weeks.
    My question…I need to do some maintenance to my trailer. New carpet, rollers, etc. can I run my boat just enough to get it off the trailer and tied to the dock without doing any damage to the engine, batteries or electrical system? Unloading and loading will be the only time I plan on running the engine. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    As long the electrical system is intact, as all cables connected and bad alternator still bolted up, you will not do any damage to anything. Just make sure the battery(s) is fully charged. If this is a case of an over charging alternator, just pull its main plug so it does not produce anything, and you are safe.
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    You can run as long as the battery has power make sure the belt is on the water pump.
    I have used db electric for starters and alternators with good results and price.

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