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    Default Another composite or not stringer question.

    Been reading many posts on this forum about when Supra switched to composite stringers in 1992, although not all boats were composite etc.Mine is an Esprit (Combrio) built in July of 1992 according to the hull id # so I dont know if my boat is actually considered a 93 model or 92. In one post it was mentioned that the esprits & Impules didnt make the composite cut in 92. Mine does have a square windshield but it also has composite seat bottoms.Engine mount bolts are solid into the stringers & they are all solid grey with no signs of rot. Just thought i would put it out there to see what the consensus is as i dont really want to drill into a stringer to find out if i dont have to.The boat sits level & does not sit lower than a dry Combrio or Comp of that era. The floor has one small soft spot about 4 x 8 in. between the drivers seat & the rear seat where it meets the side of the boat, an area where you would be likely to step in & out of the boat. Repairing a floor i can deal with. Everything else is solid.
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