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    Question Carpet Replacement With Seadek or Other?

    We recently purchased a 2007 Launch 20’ (direct drive) would like to replace the carpet with Seadek material or something comparable. Carpet comes up the sides of the seats. Would love any guidance on process, material, timing, cost etc.
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    Seen some pics on social media with people doing this with SeaDek or GatorStep.

    Carpet is glued down. Looks to be a little messy pulling up, but not that bad. Use some paint/epoxy thinner or acetone to get the glue up with a scraper. Some WD40 also helped me pull some old SeaDek from my current boat.

    Then use some sandpaper or a hand sander to get it clean. Then more cleaning with rags and acetone.

    Depending on the boat, back in 2007 Supra did not spend a lot of time on the gaps in the floor b/c they were laying carpet over it. You will want to make sure everything is level and you do not have big gaps around the fuel tank. Newer boats are more uniform b/c they all have decking on top of them.

    I've see people leave the carpet on the sides of the seats.

    Cost? Nowadays it depends on how fancy you want to get. They have some basic flooring or you can get custom logos and multiple colors. I'm sure GatorStep has your boat pattern - they are online. SCWake was selling a kit, flooring and swim platform for $1,000 for a Launch 22. Knock-Off decking from eBay is cheaper- it comes in roll and you are cutting our own pattern.
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