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    Quote Originally Posted by h2o-ski View Post
    Thank you for the pictures of an actual Sport. There are quite a few subtle differences between the 81 and 82 Sports.
    From what I can gather from these brochures and have seen in person, the Star had a short side window with no railing, the Sport had same windshield with the long raked support arm (compare to the Rider) and the Beast had a longer triangular side window. In an interview with George Fowler, he mentioned they played around with the windshields but the hull was the same for all 3. You could choose 1 out of 3 engine options for the Star and Sport but the Beast was strictly 454 Chevy.

    I hope these 40 year old brochures are enjoyed by those people that own the few remaining original Stars, Sports or Beasts.

    I picked up a 1983 Supra Beast that pretty much needs everything but seriously want to build it out and make it true Beast. I love the vinyl and color combo and once my Rider is redone, will definitely consider.

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    Sweet!! Those are awesome! I do have something kinda cool ... an original owners manual for my '86 Sunsport. It includes the Marauder.

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