Hello all, fist post. I've been lurking the past few months. Picking up my first boat in the next few weeks. I'm driving from IN to NC to drag it home. Buying boat from my aunt. Boat has sat for 10 years or so. As I'm not around to see the boat, I'll be bringing tools and new tires to make our journey north. As the bearing condition is a total mystery to me, I'd like to have new bearings on me when I arrive. Does anyone know what size bearings these trailers take? It's the single axle trailer that I'm ASSUMING came with the boat in 89.
The boat is in really good shape but does have some stringer rot. It sounds like 1-2 of the motor mount bolts spin. I'm hoping I can put a bandaid on it and delay the inevitable stringer replacement. I'm cheap and relatively handy, so that will be a DIY hopefully a while from now in the future.
I remember skiing/tubing behind this boat when I was a kid. While I only saw this boat once or twice growing up, I always thought it was awesome. It's kinda funny now that it'll be coming home with me.
Thank you all in advance for your help!