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    Default SMP Tandem Trailer Project

    1E0BFD4D-C307-42D2-A319-980C36F2B3A2.jpg9D7E00EB-0EF8-4315-A2F2-8CCD2D545DF5.jpg7C344A7C-1946-45B6-A8E1-F8BBD5DECE16.jpg099506B0-E82D-459F-9086-79F6FE57FE17.jpg0A0750A0-DA5A-4E33-B72B-29EC22CC238E.jpg1E0BFD4D-C307-42D2-A319-980C36F2B3A2.jpg9D7E00EB-0EF8-4315-A2F2-8CCD2D545DF5.jpg7C344A7C-1946-45B6-A8E1-F8BBD5DECE16.jpg099506B0-E82D-459F-9086-79F6FE57FE17.jpg0A0750A0-DA5A-4E33-B72B-29EC22CC238E.jpgFits models longer and wider than the Ts6m. Brake assemblies and drums shot. Paint is bleached. Structurally sound. Boat will be off it this coming weekend and pics will be posted. If it doesn’t sell I’ll keep it for my son’s Malibu, it’s that good for reviving. Make an offer please. 203-994-5088 Danbury, CT 06811
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