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    Good to hear that you got some time to get away. Props to the shop, their work is top notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadunkle View Post
    Don't know how I missed this thread, with needing stringers on my Saltare. Thanks for your amazing level of documentation. Haven't made it through all of it yet, but I'm sure I'll have questions as I get closer to doing mine. It's great to see a composite build. Which Coosa product did you use for the stringers and floor? How did you prep and attach the pylon and motor mounts? Drill, epoxy, and through bolt? Fastener holding ability is my main concern with composites, but I'd strongly prefer to go composite and never need another boat. I'd love to just outsource the job but reading about your experience with Donnie, who seemed to be the go to guy for Supra restorations, makes me very hesitant to outsource this one. So many shady folks who do a "good enough" job that'll last a few years and not sweat it as most people tend to not hold on to boats or any other vehicle.
    Thanks, Cadunkle. The brand is Coosa Composites and I'm not sure if the product has a model number. It is super strong but lightweight. I'm very impressed with the quality of material. The pylon is bolted into the stringers just as it would be with wood. There is no give.
    The big difference will be motor mounts as they will also bolt through for maximum strength. Due to the way the Coosa stringers are made, my shop doesn't recommend putting lag bolts in from the top, therefore you will see both sides of the main stringers in the doghouse area and not the typical built out box so we can access the nuts for tightening.

    I thought based on Donnie's reputation and seeing his work firsthand that I would have been safe but he had other intentions so please don't find a shop like Donnie's if you sub the work out. It is a huge time constraint if you do yourself and if you're lucky enough to find a shop like I did, it will be well worth preserving your Saltare for futures generations.

    Gonna start talking about upholstery here shortly. Still rounding up pics. Stay tuned.

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