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    Default 1990 Supra Sunsport w/ PCM 351 inboard w/ '00 Trailer (Project Boat) - $1500

    Great boat to refurbish for wakeboarding, skiing, or lounging with a group. The stringers need to be rebuilt, along with new floors, upholstery, etc. The PCM 351 is still turning over, but will need a fair amount of work to get back into reliable condition. Transmission is in good condition. The boat also has a fresh water cooling system and filter on the engine. Asking $1500, basically value of the trailer. Boat is in Northern Virginia. Please message me or reply to thread with questions or interest.

    Boat Pic from front - Supra Forum.jpg

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    So this was a saltwater boat?

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    How is the rest of the interior? Windows, gauge’s, etc in good shape?

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