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    Default Starter wonít turn over

    Ď05 Launch 24
    12.8v at battery, 12.8v at starter. Brand new starter.
    When I turn on ignition, all my gauges come on but when I try and start engineÖnothing.
    Only thing I can think of now is maybe itís the emergency kill switch or the neutral safety switch ( which I have no idea where itís located).
    I even changed the starter relay but nothing.
    Iím not sure what direction to go next.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Neutral safety switch?

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    Could be the ignition switch itself. Mine was wonky on starting only…..just replaced it and no issues starting.
    2009 21v Worlds 340 Cat
    run your engine after you change the oil

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    Get yourself an old school test light (12V incandescent light in a screwdriver handle with a pointed tip and a ground wire). Start by checking across the battery, then leave the ground clamp on the ground terminal and go from the battery ground to the big wire stud on the starter and check your light for the same brightness. Voltmeters will tell you if you have voltage but are not good for seeing if a cable will hold a load. If that’s bright then have someone turn the ignition switch to see if it goes dim. If not, then your battery cables are good. Then, find the starter solenoid on the starter and see if the little stud will light the test light. If not, then check the neutral safety switch, then work your way up to the ignition switch. If it does, and still no crank, recheck your big cable connections again.

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