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    Default 1982 Supra Sport Star 454 Project $1000 obo

    1892 supra sport star 454
    New long block motor installed before it was stored
    Stored for a few years
    Motor turns over by hand
    Interior in ok condition
    Exterior in ok condition
    Was going to fix it but lost interest and time.

    Have some tower parts to go with it.

    Currently split at rub rail for a transom repair. Work is supposedly done just needs to be put back together.

    Have title but not in my name. Previous owner improperly filled it out and can not get in contact with him to fix it.

    Want it gone. 1000 obo May consider parting it out, If interested make an offer on the parts.

    Located in Northern Illinois

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    Cool boat, especially with the 454, I liked the wake behind mine better than the TriStar 220 I replaced it with but I was able to buy the TriStar for less than repairing the Supra. Wish I would have had the space to keep and restore the Supra on the side, but alas life goes on.
    Good luck with the sale, hopefully it gets put back together.

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    Default transport

    If you need to get a boat transport anywhere i used we will transport it and they beat out everyone.

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    Out of curiosity, where in northern illinois are you and who was the person you bought it from?
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