Hi everyone,

I just was able to secure a 1986 Supra Sunsport. I am not sure of the condition of the stringers and mounts. The boat has been kept in a boathouse all
of its life. I am getting it from the original owner. He is giving it to me for free with a bunch of extra new parts for the motor. Anyone in South Florida area have any experience with these boats? Very unusual to have lake boats in our area but I live on one of the very few motorized lakes in Miami. I have been eyeing this boat for over 10 years and was just able to get in contact with the owner. He is an older gentlemen and no longer has the energy to maintain and restore the boat. Only issue I see over the top is that there have been ducks and birds building there nest inside the deck and is covered with Poo. Yuck! Looking to turn this into a wake surf/ wakeboard boat. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! I will upload pics once I have it in my yard on the trailer.