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    Default 1988 Supra Sunsport with surf system

    1988 Supra Sunsport with PCM 351, ~1366 hours and still runs great, burns zero oil between oil changes. Hour meter stopped working years ago but it was after I installed Perfect Pass Stargazer so the true hours are still accurate in the PP.

    -Impeller changed at the start of each season regardless of previous season's hours. Oil changed every 50 hours with VR-1 high-zinc synthetic oil. Doesn't burn or leak a drop between oil changes. Transmission fluid also changed every season regardless of hours.

    -Transmission rebuilt by Fantastic Finish Marine in Ohio in 2013 due to reverse going out. I still have the receipt for that work. New synthetic shaft packing installed at the same time, as well as a new damper plate installed. Shaft packing adjusted properly at the start of each season. Still shifts perfectly forward and reverse.

    -New batteries - one 1000 CCA starting battery in 2018 and one deep cycle in 2017 for the amps and accessories. Running off a Perko switch with amps and accessories going to a fused buss bar in the battery area.

    -NOCO Genius GENM2 8-amp onboard battery charger installed in 2018 to keep the batteries fresh each time out.

    -3 amps - 1 for the four interior 6x9's, 1 for the Krypt 6.5" tower speakers with on/off switch for the tower speakers, 1 for the JBL 8" sub. Individual volume controls for each zone so you can tune the system on the fly.

    -Acme 913 prop in perfect shape, re-pitched to 9.5 and balanced by Nettles in July 2019 and has only been on the water 3x since. Handles the ~2500lbs ballast perfectly. 13x10.5 spare prop is included.

    -Surf exhaust made out of black ABS pipe. No fumes at all for surfers and really quieted the motor down outside the boat. This has been on for 3 seasons now with no issues.

    -Surf flap installed to cut down on any spray from the exhaust and prop.

    -Arduino-based surf system which is fully automated and runs off GPS for deploy/retraction at 7mph/17mph (speeds can be changed for your application). New platform made out of Trex decking. Surfgates (also Trex decking) are controlled by electric Lenco "fast" actuators which run off a single rotary switch on the dash for left/right surfing, and can do left/right transfers on-the-fly.

    -Ballast - Four Ronix Eight.3 800lb bags (two brand new in 2019) with dual 3800gph pumps which fill and drain each bag in 3 just over minutes. Unfortunately mice chewed some small holes in two of the bags while they were in storage, so those will have to be patched. Two 12v sockets installed under the passenger seat to handle the 25A load of the pumps, since as you probably know the older Supra's don't have the proper dash socket wiring to handle above 10-15A. I generally fill one 800lb bag under the front bow to about 700lbs, two 800lb bags on either side of the motor, then another bag about half full in the rear depending on crew size. Surf wake is awesome for an older boat.

    -New 100 amp alternator in 2017, upgraded over the stock 55 amp. Stock 55 amp can be included as a backup.

    -All new hoses in 2016. New belts in 2017 and new spare belts always on board, as well as spare impeller and spare starter relay always on board. The starter relay went bad last year after 7 seasons of ownership, so I bought two to fix it and have one as an onboard spare.

    -Perfect Pass Stargazer installed in 2014, needs a new GPS puck due to not finding satellites. It works better for me in RPM mode for surfing anyway so it hasn't been a priority.

    -Dual axle trailer with new actuator installed a few years ago. Some new brake lines, but need one more fixed because it's stripped at the drum. 2 new trailer tires at the beginning of 2019 and I have 2 more to be installed. New winch and strap in 2018. I've towed this trailer 4-5 hours without issue many times. It does have one leaky Bearing Buddy, but I always keep it greased and it's never been an issue other than dirtying up that particular rim.

    -Carb rebuilt in 2017 by someone highly recommended on the Mastercraft forum. Metal fuel line also replaced at the same time, and new fuel/water separator installed.

    -Points ignition redone in 2017, with new spark plug wires. New plugs at the start of each season.

    -Tower was modified by a local fab shop to fold down and fits under a standard 7' garage door. Boat has been garaged when not on the water, as well as over the Winter. New waterproof cover included.

    -New Rule blower motor and hose in 2018

    -New Rule bilge pump in 2017

    -Depth finder with adjustable low water alarm

    -Newer surf/wakeboard rack, might have a second to include as well

    One soft spot in the floor near the front passenger seat. Stringers are solid.

    Videos of the surf wake are available on request, and I probably have some build pictures on here somewhere. For an old boat, this thing really puts out a great wake on a budget. I finally upgraded to a v-drive, so that's why this is for sale. The boat isn't perfect. There are some scrapes and dings in the fiberglass, none of which can't be fixed with some elbow grease, and none of which make the boat unsafe to use. The interior could use some love, expected on a 30+ year old boat. I just redid a few of the cushions, and the front bow area was done few years ago but it's not exactly an upholstery shop job. Mechanically, I take care of things before they are needed and really stay on top of maintenance, but aesthetically I haven't worried as much.

    Call or text 860.39two.nine32nine with any questions or to set up a meeting, or PM me on here.
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    '88 Sunsport, 2250lbs ballast, automated surf system, home made surf exhaust, surf flap, ACME 913, Krypt 6.5 HLCD's, Perfect Pass Stargazer

    2007 Centurion Typhoon to be upgraded this winter!

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    Trying to figure out how to rotate the pics on here, they show up normal on my PC.
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    '88 Sunsport, 2250lbs ballast, automated surf system, home made surf exhaust, surf flap, ACME 913, Krypt 6.5 HLCD's, Perfect Pass Stargazer

    2007 Centurion Typhoon to be upgraded this winter!

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