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    Default PCM 454 carb size?

    What size carb came on the PCM 454? Mine has been gone through by PO, mystery engine but stock-ish. I have a Holley 850 DP on it, too big but many years ago when I was chasing driveability issues that turned out to be an intake manifold vacuum leak I replaced the carb and an 850 was cheaper than a 750. The boat spends more time at lower RPM at 22 MPH than anything else. It took a lot of accelerator pump tuning to get hole shot decent but not perfect. Carb is too big, probably giving up some efficiency. When I've done the math it's around 6-7 GPH at 22 MPH pulling a rider.

    With gas over $5/gal maybe it makes sense to get a more appropriately sized carb and hopefully get better lower RPM throttle response too. I originally wanted a 750 CFM double pumper but they were over $100 more at the time so I got the cheaper 850 CFM. Now I see readily available Holley 670 CFM marine avenger 4150 and a 750 CFM 4160 readily available, both vacuum secondary. Thoughts on these or any other more appropriately sized carb? What carb are folks with 454s running and what GPH? This is in an '89 Saltare with an Acme 13x13 CNC prop.
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