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    Default Trailer repair, equalizer bushings?

    Anyone have a source for equalizer bushings for a mystery trailer on an '89 Saltare, which I assume is an SMP? 3/4" ID, OD I'm not 100% but in probably 15/16". I ordered some with a 1" OD ( and can drill the equalizers if needed.

    I was prepping to leave for vacation at the lake and noticed a broken spring, which turned into a whole suspension rebuild. Local trailer shop had everything except the equalizer to frame bushings. They did have a virtually identical replacement equalizer including bushings, but it's a sketchy looking cast in China piece and for $100 I'd rather keep my stronger original parts and find bushings. For a quick and dirty vacation tow I flipped the original bushings to the unused side (hey, they're only half worn) and cut up some new nylon bushings into strips to fill in the gap in the originals. With new springs and shackle bushings there should be a lot less slop in the suspension since every bushing was worn through on the loaded side.

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