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    Default CONTEST WINNER! H20 SKI! See Solutions Below!

    Greetings Fellow Supra Owners and Fans:

    Time for some late summer fun. A contest.

    Attached are 5 photos (click for larger version) of my 1990 Supra SunSport.

    The boat has 30, yes 30, after-market modifications visible from the photos (mostly visible, at least).

    The poster who identifies the most modifications wins!

    This might not be as easy as you think. This boat is intended to appear as unmodified as possible. The modifications were designed specifically to be hidden from you, the Supra Boats forum members.

    You guys have been living and loving these boats for 30 years. And we've watched as you have resown upholstery, painstakingly replaced stringers, given advice to newbies, debated prop pitches and dropped caps during restoration. Now its time to show you stuff. Prize is none other than bragging rights over your fellow posters.

    I'm lookin' at you, MJKHnox, C Suggs, Mischief IV, nboarderskier, Michael Hunter, cadunkle, JBreezy, olive 898m, DKJBama92, h20-ski, and Jetling. You too, Gogger, LoadUp, rlove, NoWake, Inair, and TitanTN. And the many other contributors to this board.

    May the most knowledgeable poster win!

    side view port.jpginterior toward aft.jpgcockpit.jpgaft interior.jpgengine.jpg
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    First off beautiful boat.

    I count 7 possible aftermarket modifications, not including your phone. Though I would not call myself a guru or expert on early Supras.

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    H20-ski takes the lead with seven.

    And remember everyone, to win, you have to identify them.

    They were specifically designed to be hidden from Supra Boat Forum experts.

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