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    We have an 08 Sunsport 22v with the assault 325 and roughly 900 hours on it. We do have a surf prop on it as well. She still runs great but I have been thinking about getting another motor and building it up to have on the shelf when she starts to get tired. My question is how feasible would it be to do an LS swap with a 6.0? I have done swaps in four wheeled vehicles that included running 2 ECMs or just a single ECM and incorporated all of the original gauges. The gauge part would be easy since I would just need to put the sensors in their respective spots but going from a MPI to the LS system worries me a bit. I do know that Malibu had the LS based engines in their boats for those years but just doing some research to start planning ahead.
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    2008 Sunsport 22v

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    It's worth noting that I have no issues with ,modifying harnesses and have built a few for others for 4 wheeled LS swaps
    2008 Sunsport 22v

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    I roughly priced what it would take to put in an LS vs rebuild the SBC in mine.

    Just about all the marinization companies (PCM, Crusader, Marine Power) offered the 6.0L in the mid to late 2000's so the parts are out there to DIY an LS swap. One stop shop would be Hardin Marine, they have just about everything available but on the pricey side.

    Piece meal the parts and I came to at least $2500
    Manifolds $800
    Risers $400
    O2 oxygen plate $180
    Flywheel $80 (2001 4.8L Chevy 1500)
    Motor Mount Adapter $50
    Lift Pump $54.99
    High Pressure Fuel Pump $100
    Fittings $300
    ECM Tuner $400
    ECM Credits $100

    I know there are other things that I have missed like seawater pump mounting, hoses and unforeseen expenses.

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