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    Default CONTEST: WINNER! h20-ski Wins Classic Supra Contest See Solutions Below

    H20-ski wins the contest to identify the most modifications to the 1990 SunSport. The solutions are below. Thanks to all for playing. (moderator, feel free to move this to modifications thread if you wish).

    Below is a list of the 30+ mods, to this two-owner 1990 SunSport. Most sources of the materials are indicated. Any comments are purely my opinion.

    Let's start with the interior:

    1. There are 18 LED bulbs and fixtures added, best being in cooler and port storage bin. LED

    2. Each cupholder has an LED blue light. They create a warm glow at night. Seachoice Drink Holder 79481 Black, modified with:

    3. You can see these LED lights in the cupholders. LED Oznium Flush Mount Aluminum housing LED Amazon store Oznium Store

    Continuing with the interior:

    4. DC Gold Speakers In my opinion, these are the best speakers that exist for this size.

    5. Dual Battery with Perko Switch and Lithium portable backup.

    6. Supra-faced airguide 50 MPH GPS Speedo Upgrade This was a superb upgrade. The speedos look original from the outside. the GPS pick up fit neatly in the chrome grill blower intake (small incision in black duct; resealed easily).

    cropped speedo.jpgIMG_5702(1).jpgcockpit.jpgIMG_2094.jpgaft view.jpg
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    Let's Move to Engine / Mechanical

    8. Arco 60108 55 amp [not 75A with original harness] Alternator ebay marine_parts_source

    9. Sherwood G21 GT-40 OEM Raw Water Pump RA057007 ebay rawpumps Yes, there is a guy on ebay who refurbishes your Sherwood for you. Make sure it still has a nice cam lip on it, though. Mine did and it works great.

    10. Sherwood Raw Water Pump Rebuild Kit OEM 9959 23979 G15 G21 J70 K75B Skidm

    11. Aqualarm with fuse #20248 Thanks to Larry at FAE who recommended this important upgrade. Look carefully at the aft ends of the exhaust manifold hoses. There is a metal band and wire around each. Those contain temperature sensors linked to alarm panel you can (barely) see to the left of the steering wheel. next time I overheat the alarm and red light will sound indicating port or starboard overheat.

    12. Electronic Bilge pump switch with high water alarm BG-SWA Also a very good upgrade. I can test my bilge pumps and water alarm with the app on my phone (as mounted on my dash). No more plugged up bilge switches.

    13. Rule 20DA Bilge Pump 800 GPH ¾” Submersible ebay I put a second pump in. Easy to do especially with the extra switch already in the dash.

    You are probably wondering why I have dual upgraded bilge pumps that combined could put out an apartment building fire, a water alarm and overheat sensors on a 21' boat. Well, take a look at the photo of the melted stock exhaust flange. When my engine overheated (plugged not worn impeller), the exhaust flanges melted. I could hear water coming in, but could not see from where, and could not plug it. That's because on this SunSport model, the transom, where the flanges penetrate, is not accessible. When water reached the starter motor, I decided to run it aground to save it. I had some jelcoat chips but saved the boat. We had to plug the hole with a rag to tow it back to harbor. You will see below the stainless exhaust tips I now have. In my view, that plastic flange is the weakest link in an otherwise very solid boat.

    61855831919__6F3B9655-02AA-416E-A4D7-3E61C86202C4(1).jpgshowing pickup.jpgIMG_2106.jpgIMG_4162.jpgIMG_3899(1).jpg
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    Now we'll mix interior, exterior and mechanical:

    14. 3M Marine Sealant 5200 Fast Cure 05220 ebay (for some reason you guys are always debating which sealer to use; this works great with 1 spare roll of paper towels).

    15. Largest Size OEM Reproduced Wave Decal ebay halledc Halledc is a poster here, and he worked with me to create the exact size wave decal. He's on ebay and as you can see from the photo, it really looks original. Great work Halledc!

    16. VDO Gauge Clock 370-155 2 1/16” / 52MM 12 / 24 dual system ebay They don't make the original, of course, but this is good enough.

    17. Sierra MP 39770 # Position 1 1/8 Polyester 3 Blade Terminal 12 15 A amazon

    18. Waterproof Boot Nut 1 PM 39190 for ignition switch ebay

    Below is a closeup of his wave sticker. Also, look carefully in the chrome intake. Can you spot the GPS sensor wedged in the grill? [Hint, it's under the "t".]

    1 side view port.jpgstarboard aft.jpgIMG_0944.jpgshowing pickup.jpg
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    19. CIPA PWC Marine Mirror Model 11120 Universal PWC Wing Mirror ebay Boattown4630

    20. Fuel Pump Ford Marine 302 351W Ford Cobra OMC Crusaider PMC ebay groovingreg

    21. Pioneer MVH-S720BHS Digital Media w/ Bluetooth w/ SmartSync App ebay soundoftristate Guys, this is a very good single dim head unit. It has an app that you can run spotify or whatever off of. So if you look in the dash photo above, where I have my phone mounted, you will see how easy it is to access my head unit.

    22. Shields 3” Marine Corrugated Exhaust Hose 16-252-3000-1 amazon marine_parts_source

    23. Boot only Water resistant Momentary Push Button ebay wellscountypowersports

    24. This one goes out to Michael Hunter, with my thanks. Michael spend several calls with me explaining how to get Mary to sell me a centroid electronic fuel sender. Mary is very nice, and you just have to let her know what you want. Yes, a two wire worked fine with my VDO gauge. Electronic Fuel Sender. Electronic Fuel Sender Mary and Joel from Centroid Specs from Mary’s (386-423-3574) ordering guide TWO WIRE. Here's were my answers to Mary's ordering guide:

    a. Gasoline
    b. Length 7.75” (bottom of tank depth is 8.25”)
    c. 12V
    d. 240 – 33 OHMs
    e. 5 screw mount
    f. No options
    g. Quantity is one

    See photo below on how to measure your tank height. After that, it bolted right up.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    But wait, there's More!

    25. Thermostat 143 degree Skidim

    26. PCM 80A 1.23:1 Ford transmission. Skidim This was a very important change. My original transmission, from the day I got the boat, was earsplitting. Based on comments on other boards, it seems there was a run of 1.23:1 transmissions that had the gears cut incorrectly. The whine was not a typical transmission whine, but a very loud high pitched whirl or squeal. So Vince (Skidim) assured me the newer version would bolt right up, and it did. That upgrade literally changed our boating experience.

    27. Protec Retro Distributor (RK107025A) . Skidim Some ask me, "what's the best upgrade you did?" This one is top three, to be sure. I can turn the key, even when hot, and idle at 400 RPM. I picked up at least four MPH.

    28. GT-40 Heads Tim Mather @ If you ever need new heads, Tim is the guy. They had reasonably priced head to my doorstep in five days. They bolted right up and boy did they wake my 351W. Head jobs are not fun, but the youtube vids have changed how I do things. No more reading from a greasy finger-print laden borrowed Chilton's.

    29. All Gaskets; new bolts; entire head kit skidim That made it easy.

    See the photos below. And yes, that carpet is original. And yes, the motor mount bolts are rock solid.

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    And now the penultimate post:

    30. USB C charger in lighter. Ouffun 12V USB Outlet USB C Car Charger Socket. Amazon ZMC Direct This version has to be turned on every time the power is interrupted. So I would wire it to hot ignition power, not switched power, if you are constantly turning off your key during the day. Hard to charge your phone when you forget to press the button on.

    31. DetMar 754 3” blowers, 158 CFM. Amazon Siperformance Simple blower switch out to solve blower bearing squeal. Same manufacturer as original.

    32. Raw Water Inlet Shutoff Valve. 1” NPT Brass Ball Valve. KLIM USA 600 WOG. Brand: Fitting Store. You can see it, green handle, from the earlier engine photo. Don't forget to turn it back on!

    33. Ski Centurion Boat Engine Decal ebay greatlakesskipper

    34. Socket 12V Plug Mounting Hole Bore 1 1/8” ebay andy14ng This made mounting the USB charger in the dash and glove box easy.

    35. ACME #654 propeller Skidim Vince again with a very good recommendation. I know we have the prop thread, but this prop works very well.

    36. FAE Larry. Okay, a FAE is not for everyone. First, Larry is an expert and will take literally all the time one needs to install his brilliant invention correctly. He answers calls promptly and will stay on with you until your last question is fully answered. He was willing to continue to work with me to get my FAE just right. He is one of the best boating sellers I have dealt with. However, the FAE was not for me. Note, every reason why was know by me by other posters, I lost 4 mph, I had a side wiggle. The upside of cutting noise down by, say 80%, was not that important to me as we don't board or surf. No doubt this would be indispensable if we did either of those things. I can see why they are so very popular. But I took mine off. No harm, no foul. And no I do not want to sell it because one day it just might end up back on the boat.

    39. Salisbury M-165 muffler.

    40. Seablaze X2 by Lumitec. Okay, let's end on a good one. I read the underwater lighting thread, did some research, and contacted the President of Lumitec. I wanted to get it right before cutting holes in my transom. He said, get the SB X2 and you will not be disappointed. What an understatement. The lights are two years old and I'm still the brightest (I mean, my boat is the brightest) on the waterway. You literally cannot look at these when out of the water. And they are very fun to play with, as they are powered off my batteries, but they have a low-voltage switch wire that with the press of a "press to off" switch changes colors, speed, etc. And I used the ACC in the dash so you can be out all day and not know they are wired in. Take a look at the dash photo above and see if you can spot the two switches (power and interrupter/changer). All stock looking.

    37. 3” Exhaust Tip Straight Flange / Straight Edge 03-3109090-00 I would never use nylon, see above.

    Thanks for listening!

    1596382742964blob.jpgFAE#5355 1990 Supra SunSport.jpgIMG_0426.jpgIMG_5702(1).jpgIMG_0577.jpg
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    Guys, this is post #7 of 7 (the last post) in the series on this thread. If you have your settings to read "most recent post first", then please scroll down to post #1 to read the seven posts in order.

    Here are more photos because I know you guys like photos!

    mid.jpgInkedin air.jpgTo add final photos.jpg
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