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    Default Raptor Engine (or other) Engine Swap

    I have a 2011 Supra Sunsport with a cracked engine block. I have been told from multiple dealers and engine providers that replacement Indmar 5.7 long blocks are essentially non-existent. Has anyone had any alternative engine replacement experience? I'd like to upgrade to a more current engine so I can get access to parts moving forward. I believe the new Supras have a Ford Raptor engine in them. I'm wondering if with some fabricating that engine might be made to work? Any thoughts people have would be appreciated. As of now there appears to be no options for anyone who has the Indmar 5.7 gone bad.


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    I would be very surprised if a Raptor engine fit in the same space width-wise. Not only size but you’ve got a whole bunch of integration concerns to deal with and this could easily exceed the cost of the boat. This place below may be worth contacting for a long block.
    From an engine perspective, you could find the block specs from your failed engine and shop for a GM block to install, having someone swap the block over (I’d replace rings, bearings, and obviously all the gaskets too).
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    With enough time and money you can get whatever engine you want in there. I've seen a few Mailbus and Nautiques that have been Duramax swapped. There are a few options, direct swap, upgrade, replace or the do anything you want.
    Direct - Marine Power still sells 5.7 repowers so you can pull the indmar and replace it with Marine Power. Though you may need to contact them to see if it will work with Zero Off
    Upgrade - You can find a PCM dealer and move to the new Chevy direct injection engines. Overall should not have much issue fitting a Gen V Chevy small block in place of the old SBC
    Replace - At the end of the day, a Chevy 5.7 is a Chevy 5.7. Most shops want the simple and least labor routes, so they don't usually mention the replace route. You can get a Vortec 5.7 from a place like Michigan Motors and have the shop move all the other components to the new long block
    Do anything - again with enough time and money you can get whatever engine you want in there

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